Voodoo dat you do

My cell phone background is fuuucking adorable! Created by scarlet  (artchoface) ty so much!

My cell phone background is fuuucking adorable! Created by scarlet (artchoface) ty so much!


Official AutoSave Announcement Post! (download here)

AutoSave is an application for Windows Desktop (Vista or higher, no Linux, no Mac OS) that adds an auto-save feature to every art program in existence. SAI, Photoshop, Flash, Notepad, you name it.

How, you ask? By the most primitive way possible: Every five minutes, it simulates a press on Ctrl+S. That’s it.

Now, you wonder, how do you make sure that AutoSave doesn’t press Ctrl+S while you’re procrastinating browsing for references in your browser? Well, that’s why AutoSave will ask you to enter a part of your art program’s window title.

(For GIMP, that would be “GIMP”; for SAI, it could be “SAI -“; for Photoshop, it should be “.psd”, because Adobe.)

AutoSave then checks the title of the current window against what you entered earlier – if they don’t match, AutoSave just keeps waiting.

I have now reached a point where AutoSave is pretty stable, where I’m happy with its content, and where it’s saved a friend twice already from sudden data loss due to app crash. Time to show it to the world.

AutoSave is free. As in no money, everyone can look at the source code, copy it, change it, whatever. (GNU GPLv3 for those who bother.) You can download it directly from its Github page.

There is no installer. Everything AutoSave saves on your disk can be deleted from within the app. Just download the exe file and run it. For more information, there’s also an FAQ.

cmagen said: broken-pen tumblr com/post/91493259125/ this program is useful for that kind of occasion (sorry for the lack of .'s)

No matter how many times this happens in my digital drawing lifespan will I remember to save often.


Back in February I got to work on character designs for one of my favorite shows, Adventure Time! I just found out that the episode’s going to air July 10th…so you guys should watch it!

Here are some pieces I did for the art test they give you when trying out for the show.